Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 Hello guys :D

Here is a view of The Milky Way in Utah, USA! (Canyonlands National Park, to be exact).
I don't know what I like more - the beautiful sky or the place we get to look at it from!  For those who live in the United States, this would be a great trip to take.  You can hike, jog, run or do just about any outdoor activity in the Canyonlands National Park.  Then, at night, you can climb on up to your favorite vantage point and watch the sky in amazement! The best part is, this is a free trip! Well, minus the cost of traveling to this destination but you know what I mean. Go out and enjoy some nature!


  1. Wow! This picture of The Milky Way is jaw dropping. Major kudos to the photographer - I could stare at this picture forever! If I ever get the chance to travel across the US, this definitely seems like a place worth checking out.

  2. This really is an incredible photo! I've always wanted to take a road trip out west when I graduate, and if that actually happens, this place is definitely going on the itinerary. A great reminder of the beauty we have access to when we leave nature alone, and don't mask it all with commercial buildings and light pollution.

  3. This photo is amazing and I have never realized how truly beautiful the Milky Way is until seeing this photo. I would really like to take a trip to a place like this someday, even though I am not nature lover this is beyond incredible. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Unless you add, "photo credits:" to this post, please remove this entry from your blog.

    The actual photographer of this photograph...
    Matthew Crowley Photography