Wednesday, March 6, 2013

hmm .. what do you guys think?

So I've been thinking, why don't we go on an adventure?!  After my last post, I realized that I could use an exciting and exhilarating adventure right about ... nowThis picture right here is at the Grand Canyon (closer to home than most!). Not only is the view breathtaking, but check out the Cumulonimbus cloud! Simply amazing. Who would be interested in hiking this insanely beautiful destination with a group including myself? Or, if you are more of the solo type (don't worry, I am at times, too!), let's make a pact. Let's make a trip agenda for you and we can plan your trip together! I would, of course, let you know of all my secret spots there :) Also, I would love to share your photos in hopes of encouraging others to have an adventure!

So ... what do you guys think? Leave as many comments as you want with destination suggestions, scheduling a group trip or planning an individual one! 

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